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10-Feb-2019 17:52

In 2001 she packed her white-line fever to the imposing land of basketball's world leaders, the United States.

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Furthermore she was away from the unwavering support of her family, an element she relies upon for strength.Just a few short years earlier, Lauren was a frustrated young player with a vision.That vision became reality when in September of 2000, she braved the world's watchful eyes to proudly represent Australia at the Sydney Olympic Games.The daughter of Australian basketball representatives, Lauren was born with the genes to play the game but ultimately it was her individual desire and mindset to refine her talent that set her apart from others to become the player she is.

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With strong family bonds, particularly the support of parents Gary and Maree (a former LSU standout and record holder), growing up in a basketball culture did her no harm.They were no longer just a few hours down the road from Canberra.