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The TARDIS proves to be no ordinary police box: when Ian and Barbara enter, they discover it to be much bigger on the inside than the outside, and furnished with futuristic-looking controls.

The time machine retains its outward appearance when it travels through time, which Susan explains as a malfunction in the circuitry that is supposed to adapt its appearance to its surroundings.

As the time travellers leave their machine, a radiation meter is shown on the console of the machine, unheeded by them, registering "Danger".

The serial that became An Unearthly Child was originally commissioned from writer Anthony Coburn in June 1963, when it was intended to run as the second Doctor Who serial. Webber had been heavily involved in the brainstorming meetings which had led to the creation of Doctor Who, and—with BBC Head of Drama Sydney Newman and Head of Serials Donald Wilson—had co-written the initial format document for the series.

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He hosted a show for a few years before attending school at the University of Minnesota and then spent a few years as a Marine, the Bay Area Radio Museum noted in a 1992 interview with him.A remount was made in October, when subtle revisions were made to the Doctor's characterization.

Originally Diane wanted to become a ballerina and managed to secure a place atthe prestigious Royal Ballet School in London.… continue reading »

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So they stage a walkout in the school, which gets one of them suspended.… continue reading »

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