Svn error error while updating filelist

17-Feb-2019 09:35

Your PKCS12 cert file have a blank passphrase or a blank export password as it will cause authentication to fail. Hudson can poll Subversion repositories for changes, and while this is reasonably efficient, this can only happen up to every once a minute, so you may still have to wait a full minute before Hudson detects a change. JIRA issue #5413 documents problems with running the SCM polling trigger on slaves.

To reduce this delay, you can set up a post commit hook so the Subversion repository can notify Hudson whenever a change is made to that repository. Version 1.21 of the Subversion plugin can perform the polling on the Hudson master if the

If your job has multiple Subversion module locations defined, this may lead to inconsistent checkouts - so it's recommended to leave out '? This is so that you can have some jobs that are never triggered by the post-commit hook (in the $REPOSITORY/hooks directory), such as release related tasks, by omitting the SCM polling option.

The configured polling can have any schedule (probably infrequent like monthly or yearly). Echo "changed=" & changed url = jenkins "crumb Issuer/api/xml?

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xml failure while validating management pack

apache) HOME=/var/www/ UUID=`$SVNLOOK uuid $REPOS` NOTIFY_URL="subversion/$/notify Commit? xpath=concat(//crumb Request Field,":",//crumb)' function notify CI # The code above was placed in a function so you can easily notify multiple Jenkins/Hudson servers: notify CI "" notify CI " The script above takes care of the Prevent Cross Site Request Forgery exploits option if you have it enabled on your server. Someone suggested in the Jenkins IRC channel that if you are getting an error and a long svnkit stack trace that looks like: this all works perfectly when I specify a known jenkins credential for the two checkouts. so that the commit to integration branch is done by the initiating user I can get that out of the revision info with svnlook author, but not the password of course.For this to work, your Hudson has to allow anonymous read access to the system.

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