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“I was young and needed the money” - Give this sentence a new meaning as you show off your penile kung-fu skills to cruise ships full of meat-hungry cougars.Who wants a 9-5 job when you can make a living by nailing a smile onto the lips of wealthy but unhappy housewives? Participate in Fuck Off contests and Gang Wars as you battle for position and resources.Inspired by classic tongue-in-cheek games such as Lula: The Sexy Empire and Leisure Suit Larry, Hot Candy Land will make you roar with laughter and have you double-checking the room every few seconds for nosy bosses and girlfriends.This game is not work-safe, but who wants that anyway?Also there are plenty of sexy chicks promoting hot rides.

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You will not be asked for a credit card or any type of other payment information. Take a look around like we said, you don't even need to regsiter.Flash game size: After her tryst with the imps, Tilda Von Titantanks had them open the portal to hell so that she could seek vengeance on the demon lord that slaughtered her biker gang.

At an individual level, how someone fills in hir preferences and the way s/he engages (or refuses to engage) interested parties, tells that individual a lot about who s/he is.… continue reading »

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