Play count on ipod not updating

04-Apr-2019 09:37

And yes, the date/time on both my i Pod and i Tunes is accurate.Play Count only updates if you have automatic updates turned on.

the Last Played date may be some date in 2010 despite the fact that I played it yesterday).For example, users can choose to listen to their most played or least played songs in the Smart Playlist settings and i Tunes will create a shuffle playlist according to that criteria.Resetting a play count in i Tunes is a task that will only take a few clicks of the mouse.Right-click on the "Play Count" column of the song in your i Tunes library and select "Reset Play Count." You can also reset the play count of your entire i Tunes library by selecting all of the files instead of just one.

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To select all of the files in your i Tunes library, press the "Ctrl" or "Apple" key and the "A" key on your keyboard.

Yesterday I listened to 5 albums on my i Pod, in the following order: However, when I plugged the i Pod into my PC, i Tunes only showed that I had played the last 2 albums (Led Zeppelin, Underworld) and it was as if the other albums hadn't played (their Last played dates were back in 2010). Why doesn't i Tunes respect my diverse taste in music?