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So he decides to link hands with them (almost forgetting Teddy), and they sing the new years song.

Then Rupert and Hubert motion yawning, and mr Bean says it's late and they best be going, so goes to put the doorknob back on, and he bids them farewell and closes the door, all sad.

At that moment, the doorbell rings and he goes to open the door but there's no doorknob so he has to go get it.

He opens the door and welcomes Rupert and Hubert, and sits them in the chairs and puts the paper hats on them.

He then taps his watch indicating the alarm clock about to go off, and it does, frightening the elderly couple sitting next to it. ", startling them, because they think there's a head in there, but it's just a cabbage, which he chucks in the bin (that could've fed homeless people! Then he takes out baloons, which he pops, and he rolls the sleeping bag, making him first in line as the doors open.

He runs inside all excited, not knowing which way to go first so he runs downstairs.

Suddenly, he realises he needs to fill out the hole by the counter because he drops stuff through them.

so he goes to the other wall with the measurements obtained by a pencil in his mouth and one in each hand.

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Right at that moment, the new years countdown starts at the party across, which makes mr Bean get back up, and they start singing that song, so mr Bean turns the light on and looks at the clock, which indicates twenty to two.

Right outside the door/in front of the flat across, they come across two women who giggle at their paper party hats, so the men yank them off in a hurry.