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Liquidating distributions may be accompanied by other retirement payments that do not represent consideration for the withdrawing partner's interest in partnership property, and may be deferred compensation, or other claims against past or future partnership income. Mixing Bowl Transactions-§ § 704(c)(1)(B) and 737 1.

When the withdrawal is a result of death, there may be other collateral income and transfer tax consequences. Contributed Property Distributed to Another Partner-§ 704(c)(1)(B) 2.

Basis Adjustment Without § 754 Election: Liquidating Distributions-§ 732(d) a.

Distribution and Contribution of Partnership Assets (Assets-Up) b.

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M., Partnerships—Taxable Income; Allocation of Distributive Shares Capital Accounts; 714 T. Partnership Distributions-In General Introductory Material A. Further complication arises because the “tax” partnership includes not only entities organized as general partnerships or limited partnerships (“LP”) under state law, but also the newer forms of limited liability partnerships (“LLP”), initially primarily for professionals, and the increasingly popular limited liability company (“LLC”). Distributee's Transferred Basis in Distributed Property a. Character and Holding Period of Distributed Property a.

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