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Actress/musician Lauren Neal (who you may recognize from Words With Girls) and actress/producer Jill Bennett are both involved with LGBT Volunteer Vacations, “an exciting way for singles and couples to make new friends, learn about global cultures and make a difference in the community.” MSNBC Superstar Rachel Maddow and artist Susan Mikula met in 1999, when Maddow was hired to do yard work on Mikula’s Berkshires property.

They now live together in a pre-Civil War farmhouse in Western Massachusetts.

Enormous age gaps seem to be a lot more common amongst same-sex couples — I’ve personally got a ten-year age gap in my relationship.

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She has been dating the superstar tennis player for at least six years and the two were married in 2014.

Age difference in any relationship can bring with it a unique set of issues to deal with. Take two of Hollywood’s power lesbian couples for example.

Ellen De Generes and Portia de Rossi are 15 years apart, and TV host and political commentator Rachel Maddow and her artist girlfriend, Susan Mikula, have roughly 13 years separating them. Society may indicate that relationships between two people who have a substantial age difference between them will not thrive in the long term. Women in their 50s are now just as healthy and active as they were in their 30s.

Juggling multiple relationships at different levels with many different people requires a sturdy relationship skill set that makes poly relationships the Ph D of human interaction — not better than other types of relationships, but definitely more complicated.

Here are five principles central to successful consensual non-monogamous partnerships that can improve basically any relationship.

I’m here to tell you why there is no failure on Ok Cupid, only different angles of success.

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