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And what do you know, fantasy may have stumbled upon reality.A Twitter user posted this “creeper” photo of Lee and Richard in Washington Square Park taken a few days ago: And this ridiculous smiley-faced golf-cart photo must mean something, right?He says this sort of understanding is essential to his approach to acting.“There’s a fascination from the actor’s point of view of, if I don’t experience that, have I fully understood the character?Television viewers who associate him with double agent Lucas North in Spooks, nasty Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood, or the character based on SAS man Andy Mc Nab in Sky One’s Strike Back would know different. Armitage is to play the tormented John Proctor in the playwright’s terrifying account of the 17th century Salem witch trials, in which Proctor’s adulterous relationship with a young woman sparks a vengeful chain of events that leads to the deaths of many.

“You fight for certain roles and you realise they’re being filled by television and film actors, because theatre is constantly fighting for survival and they need names and faces and ticket sales.

I think it’s worth protecting – for everybody, not just high-profile people.” Does he feel protective of his sexuality? I just feel that it’s not relevant to what I’m presenting in terms of my art form. if I’m very, very honest, I’m a big guy, I think I’m at times quite a frightening person.” In what way? I can feel that there’s an intimidation that can happen if I own my full height, and speak at my full volume.