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18-Feb-2019 21:31

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Remember, this was the same school in which Arab Muslim students made sweatshirts praising and honoring the 9/11 attacks on America, and the underwear bombing attempt by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

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Note that she does NOT interview a single Black person for the report, but mostly Arab Muslims, which is interesting since the report is about violence by Arab Muslims against Black students.

Translation: the Dearbornistan Police Department and Edsel Ford High will both whitewash the Muslims and excuse them from all racism.

I’m sure they will blame it on the “abeed,” as they derogatorily call them.

” for pointing out the extremism and utter intolerance inherent in Islam, I always laugh. As I’ve noted over the decades–on this site and elsewhere–Muslims hate Blacks, including Muslims who are Black and regularly refer to them as “abed” (singular) and “abeed” (plural), which is Arabic for “slave,” but is used as the N-word by Arabs and Muslims.

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And, as I’ve noted, Muslims have repeatedly picked fights against and even murdered Blacks, all over the Detroit area, such as Kelvin Porter, whose 12-year-old daughter watched two Arab Muslim gas station clerks beat him to death with a tire iron (while calling him the N-word), after he asked them to stop leering at her.

That’s how it goes in a Muslim-occupied city in America. Reader Duane: Meanwhile, Blacks continue to take the bait whenever local Muslims hold Martin Luther King, Jr. Better to side with their Muslim oppressors, whose ancestors sold theirs into slavery, than anyone else.