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AG: I think I learned that I will always keep learning about myself. I still have the same morals and values and foundation of who I was, growing up in Jacksonville, FL, but I'm such a different person from who I was when I was 17.

You live and you learn and you grow.17: Do you have any advice for your 17-year-old self? Back then, everything felt like the end of the world. Hah.17: Speaking of the end, how do you feel about getting so close to the end of Twilight AG: It's bittersweet. You're excited to graduate, but at the same time, you're going to miss your friends.

“He’s very sweet,” she gushed, before telling a hilarious story about a recent run-in with airport security… Despite being in the center of the Demi Lovato drama, Ashely accompanied the Jonas Brothers on their South American and Middle Eastern tour — but the real show went down at the airport in Abu Dhabi. I look at [Joe] and there are these flashbacks of this knife set we got. I look at Joe and I’m like, ‘Did you leave the knives in the bag?

The couple carried on one bag since they had too many to check, and the one bag they chose to walk on the plane with was the one Joe left a set of knives in! “We’re going from the Middle East to NYC and JFK so there’s tons of security and screenings,” Ashley told George. The second one we got to and they stopped and looked at us with these really stern faces. ’ He’s like, ‘Whoopsies.'” She went on to say the knife set was a gift for Joe because he likes to cook.

But we know we haven't seen the last of each other—we still have a couple of years with the press tours and premieres.17: Your Skateland co-star Shiloh Fernandez was almost Edward Cullen. AG: Yeah, we certainly had discussions about (Twilight director) Catherine Hardwicke.

We both had the same opinion on her: she's just fantastic.

I also worked in a corporate office as a phone operator—I've worked literally everywhere in Jacksonville, FL and L.

Many, many Twilight movies ago (okay, not that many), Ashley Greene took a break before starting production on New Moon to make a kinda-indie, kinda-fun, maybe-a-little-depressing-at-times movie about a roller rink in the 80s, called Skateland.

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— and, of course, he couldn’t resist asking about her new squeeze, Joe Jonas!There has been a lot of attention surrounding the love life of the 'Twilight' actress especially since she broke up with Joe Jonas last March.Ashley has been paired to everyone, including Jackson Rathbo...Read More Ashley Greene looks dreamy and sweet on the cover of Allure November 2011.

The beautiful 24-year-old-actress, who will star in the upcoming comedy 'LOL' and the supernaturals thriller 'The Apparition', sits down for a chat with the magazine and dishes on her beauty faves, diet, fitness, Joe Jonas, but also about Robert Pattinson and her Twilight co-stars.

“This is all his fault by the way,” she told the audience.