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10-Nov-2018 13:21

Muse Entertainment’s four-hour miniseries, starring Katie Holmes as Jacqueline Kennedy and Matthew Perry as Ted Kennedy, is slated to bow in spring 2017 on Reelz Channel.

Siddig takes on the role of the Greek shipping tycoon who married Jackie Kennedy in 1968 in the follow-up to 2011’s eight-hour “The Kennedys” miniseries. rights to the docu series “The Real Story” from the U. The six episode series will tell the stories behind real events that inspired high-profile movies, including “Unbroken,” “American Sniper,” “Munich” and “Donnie Brasco.” ITV is distributing “Real Story” outside of the U.

His step-father worked as a creative consultant for plays and operas.

Between these two influences and the fact that his uncle on his mother's side is renowned actor Malcolm Mc Dowell, it seemed inevitable that Siddig would gravitate towards the entertainment industry. He attended a public elementary school at Font Hill Elementary and went on to St. After enrolling to and attending University College-London, he found that after one year he was no longer interested in pursuing academics and dropped out.

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Originally, Berman wanted to cast Siddig in the role of Commander Sisko.Muse is shopping international rights to “After Camelot” this week at the Mip TV conference that begins today in Cannes.