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Cheap immigrant labour does not cycle money within the local economy. Why employ cheap foreign labour when there is high unemployment in Cyprus, when most families have at least one unemployed person in the family?Short termism, the fast buck, no attempt to establish a good reputation, no future. And bribing bad employers to employ locals is not the answer (and probably a breach of EU and WTO rules).Tenerife is a destination for Northern Europe in the winter, in the summer for Spain because it is cooler. If drinks are free, why walk to a bar to spend money? If you do not walk to a bar, you do not pass shops, and other places to spend money.Of all the factors, it is all inclusive hotels that is killing Puerto de la Cruz, money is not circulating in the local economy.A quality stay, is good location, clean hotel, quiet, good food, good staff.

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Norway, by contrast, the oil wealth is invested to benefit all of society.There is no such thing as a free lunch, let alone a free dinner.