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01-Apr-2019 00:00

Her message: when choosing a life partner don’t confine yourself to people from one race or ethnicity.

“I used to be exclusively attracted to Western men too, but after I got married to one for several years, I came to realize that no matter where your partner comes from, the most important thing is the chemistry you have with him,” she says.

To be fair, I think we need to listen to these women’s voices.

So I’m trying to provide space for them in this book,” Elisabeth, who is fondly known as Fani, says.

“Eventually, what motivates people to maintain a relationship is the fact that they find a good match in their partners, whether it’s because they have the same interests or they can discuss so many things with ease,” she says.

Indeed, this is the most important aspect in maintaining a relationship, regardless of the ethnicity or the origin of the partner.

This happens because they have privileges like higher salaries than local people,” she says, adding that when these men return to their home country, they may not be as privileged as they are in Indonesia.

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Traditionally in jaman dulu western guys married belastran, manado, ambon serani. For instance, she maybe interviewed only a group of women who didn't have money so it seems that they look like gold diggers.So, the stereotype that some Indonesian women go after Western men for their money is not a hundred percent wrong after all.