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07-Feb-2019 15:25

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She said she wanted to keep an eye on her girls so she installed a camera in their room."We obviously took as much security as possible. But a recent discovery on an app called Live Camera Viewer shattered her sense of security."Never did I dream that they would be going back into our camera system, into our internet," the mom said.

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The Oregon woman posted it on a Houston Facebook page in an effort to alert the parents.

Much like the Ashley Madison breach in August of 2015, the penetration into the reportedly soft security underbelly of Adult Friend and the family of websites has revealed a wealth of credential information and a sizeable constituency of accounts created using and email addresses.

Other websites compromised in the attack are Cams.com, Stripshow.com, i and an unknown domain.

Perhaps more than anything else, security experts cite the dangers posed by the exposure of redundant passwords that could offer access to restricted systems and applications.

Those reusable passwords, says Bruce Schneier, chief technology officer of IBM’s Resilient Systems and fellow at Harvard's Berkman Center, are the real low-hanging fruit for malicious actors in situations like this.

As a warning, the woman then posted a screen shot to Facebook. She believes a hacker got into their system while the girls played a video game.

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