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We have kids who’ve had sex with people they meet on Chat Roulette.At one of the junior highs we work with, we found out there were a few kids engaging in an online orgy. They’re all reading CYBER-QUEENSOn a bright, hot day in June, I met Sydney at the Popover Café on the Upper West Side.“Guys you know from just, like, having one class together will be like, ‘Do you like to suck dick? “And if you say no, they just move on to the next person.”THE GIRLS AT THE GROVE“Social media is destroying our lives,” said the girl at the Grove.“So why don’t you go off it?” I asked.“Because then we would have no life,” said her friend.This year, 81 percent of Internet-using teenagers in America reported that they are active on social-networking sites, more than ever before.Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and new dating apps like Tinder, Grindr, and Blendr have increasingly become key players in social interactions, both online and IRL (in real life).

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The average American teen now spends nearly every waking moment on a smart phone or computer or watching TV.

There’s sexting, and there’s Snapchat, where teenagers share pictures of their bodies or body parts; on Skype, sometimes they strip for each other or masturbate together. told me about a boy he knew who had a Pay Pal account where he accepted payment for being sexual online with “random guys . “It’s like Grindr used to be for gay guys, but now kids are doing it,” said a girl in L. “No one cares about anything but how you look.”“We don’t date; we just hook up,” another girl in L. And then there are “texting relationships,” a disembodied coupling that takes place solely on a screen.