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29-Jan-2019 11:20

Even a simple review of the code might have helped the project manager identify the script that permitted the website backdoor.

At the very least, ensuring that any third-party credentials were revoked upon completion of the task would have made it more difficult for the malicious insider to steal data. Access to the company’s assets must stop when the contracted work concludes.

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He also leveraged OAuth to break into other accounts associated with the social networking accounts he had breached.

Christopher resides in Woodinville, WA with his family, two dogs and two horses.

file, but your main clue that it’s a backdoor would be that the file isn’t located within a plugin folder and could be in the uploads folder, for example.

The Dutch police recently arrested a developer for crimes he committed by writing a website backdoor into e-commerce sites he created and using credentials retained after the engagement concluded.

This backdoor provided the malicious insider with sufficient access to perpetrate a number of crimes by leveraging 20,000 users’ credentials.

Furthermore, all e-commerce sites should require two-factor authentication and advise users to create unique user ID/password combinations.